Top 5 Web Design Trends 2013

The Top 5 web design trends 2013

As internet business owners and entrepreneurs, not only do we have to catch up to web technology, we must remain ahead of the game. Knowing what’s going on, whether your implementing the technology or not, is all part of the hustle. The 5 web design trends 2013 technologies, discussed here, are sure to remain the standard for 2014 and years… Read more →

Web design cost breakdown

You have the website design, domain name, hosting, email, graphics, development, testing and maintenance. These are all small elements of a web design cost breakdown. Additional cost for a website could include: support, mobile and responsive design, content input, custom cms, eCommerce, etc., etc., the list goes on. Basically, going into every little detail of a website cost is cumbersome,… Read more →

The latest technology in Web 2.0 Design

After more than thirty years of the information age, in which social media is the new queen, this new paradigm could well mean, you live or die by whether or not you embrace the latest technology in web designing. Programs that support web 2.0 design, are essential to the growth of your website enterprise. It’s no mystery to designing responsive… Read more →

Standard size for website images

PhotoShop, Gimp and others softwares satisfy the need to create stunning artwork for websites. Knowing your standard size for website images, and mastery of a chosen image editor, is a mandatory skill for growing a website business. Some websites have clear, crisp images that are artistic, cool and interesting to stare at. Others have blurry images, stretched disportionately and distorted…. Read more →

Social Media Planning Template & Strategy

Just as the aesthetics of a house, or the planning of a modern city depends on someones particular design style, so does a social media planning template. It is a truism and fact of life, that the engine that drives most successful on-line businesses today, is the use of social media. Even the run-of-the-mill, mom and pop business, rely on… Read more →